2001 News Archive

November 27, 2001

Six Scholars Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Each year the Council of the AAAS selects a small number of scientists from its membership (nearly all scientists are members) and honors them for "efforts on behalf of the advancement of science and engineering that are scientifically or socially distinguished." This year, from the Biological Sciences, R. Scott Hawley ('84 Scholar) was elected; from Chemistry, M. Reza Ghadiri ('91) and Ronald T. Raines('90); and from Neurosciences, Gilles J. Laurent ('90), Joseph S. Takahashi ('85), and Marc Tessier-Lavigne ('91). The new Fellows of the Association will be presented at the annual AAAS meeting in Boston on February 16 of 2002.

October 1, 2001

Our server took a hit from the Nimda virus last month.

As candidates tried to download application forms just before the deadline, a computer expert at Johns Hopkins worked diligently for several days on ridding our server of thousands of exe files and cleaning up over a thousand html files that had Nimda commands embedded in them. Mary Tarpey helped by faxing forms to a few desperate candidates, and Andrew Nitchkin did the computer repairs to put us back on line. Thanks Mary and Andrew for making things work!

July 11, 2001

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, 1991 Scholar, is the first Searle Scholar elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

This news came via Cedric Chernick, former Director of our Program and continuing enthusiast for it, who read it in C&E News. Congratulations Marc! And we need more news correspondents like Cedric!

June 14, 2001

New Kircsh Foundation Medical Investigator Awards go to Allison J. Doupe, 1993 Scholar and Geraldine C. Seydoux, 1997 Scholar.

The goal of the Kirsch Foundation is to eliminate all diseases. The present awards are for work towards a cure for Parkinson's disease (given to Allison) and to develop stem cell therapies (to Geraldine). The awards are for $150,000 to the investigator and $30,000 to the institution for the first year, with the possibility of additional funding in the subsequent two years. These awards were two of four given this year. One of last year's recipients was Ben Barres, 1994 Searle Scholar, who will continue to receive funding from the Kirsch Foundation.

June 13, 2001

DAPHNE PREUSS Will Receive the ASCB-Promega Award from The Americal Society for Cell Biology

Daphne K. Preuss, 1997 Scholar, will receive the third annual ABSC-Promega Award for Early Career Life Sciences. The award will be presented at the ASCB annual meeting in December. Daphne is being recognized "for her work in chromosome structure and pollen function. Her work seeks to identify components that mediate inheritance from the gene products that control fertilization to those that regulate DNA transmission. Preuss was also a key contributor to the sequenceing of the Arabidopsis genome."

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